Post #5: Trying to be More Grounded Again (Slice of Life, Day 2 of 30)

Hello there!

I’m still in this 30-day writing challenge on Day 2! Hooray, I’m celebrating a mini-milestone one day at a time. Again, I invite you to share your feedback or words of wisdom. Together, we will continue to learn and grow. Here we go…

~ ~ ~ DAY 2 ~ ~ ~

I’m in the midst of listening to an audio book titled “Eastern Body, Western Mind” by Anodea Judith. I’m a fan of audio books and podcasts as great teachers in my continuous learning. I write these words not for the purpose of reviewing this book. Rather, my writing is about what I’ve learned so far and how the contents of this book applied to me. As I embark of the journey of finding myself, I find it fascinating to learn how the chakras, the mind, and the body are integrated.

For those who are not familiar with what is the chakra, there is so much information available on the web. Here’s just one source on the web you can read about chakras. I’m now listening to the part of audio book where the author discussed the first of seven chakras. This is the root chakra, which helps to keep one grounded. I think my root chakra was pretty strong for many years because I was accomplishing what I had set out to do in my early years. I went to school & graduated. I had great jobs with good earnings. I kept in good physical condition. I got married. I was an overachiever in whatever I did. On and on… I did all these great things way before I knew what the chakra business was all about. Looking back, I now feel very blessed to had known what to do and just went out there and did it. And, I did it with gusto.

Reflection – How Did This Help Me?

This was a good validation that I “had” a strong root chakra. I’m wondering if my root chakra is weaker now as compared to my earlier years. Why do I ever think so when I had accomplished so much for so long? Well, I’m now in a work transition to do something very very different than before. You know the saying “it feels like the rug has been pulled under you.” I feel like I just fell and lost my grounding because I’m trying to figure out the steps for my new path. I feel lost at times, more often than not. My grounding feels a bit shaky now. I feel like I can’t see the steps ahead very clearly. Plus, even if I see the immediate step ahead, I feel uncertain in taking that step because I question whether that step is solid enough to support me. My confidence has been tested, to say the least.

Root Chakra
Source: Pinterest

What shall I do about this? I’ve decided to do something that will help me to focus. I’m taking some classes at a community college. A couple of these classes are fun classes (yoga, singing). So, I’m doing something that will help me in my new path while I’m having fun too. I’m still attending networking events to continue establishing connections for new career path. Since I started school, I’ve felt better about myself and not as lost as before. I still haven’t figured it all out yet. But, my heart tells me to try this path. Talking about the heart, that’s another chakra which I can’t wait to listen to that part of the book and share with you.

What do you think?

Do you want to learn more about your root chakra? What is your experience like to determine how strong is your root chakra? Love to hear your experience!

Let’s connect again…



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